OCS Hubes Pocket v1.64+

Ok, I’m starting to look at Hubes Pocket again to update the module. Dave has sent me the setup for Scenario 3. He may look at Scenario 2 and/or 4 too. Any help would be appreciated. Dave will not do Scenario 5, so if anyone wants it included, you have to chip in. I’m looking to do the KG markers, some cleanup of the counters and and possibly the map(off-map, specifically). What I need assistance with is the following:

  1. Bug reports. If there are anything wrong with the current version(v1.63), let me know.

  2. Research. If anyone has books on the Korsun Battle, could you check them for KG names? All I have now is KG Bäke, and I need at least 6 more. Please specify units of association.

  3. Any wishes?

Just remember, I’m not a programmer, so I’m limited to doing editing of the existing features.


My wish is to see all counter that have the move label and the label text on it :smiley:

I assume you want the black ‘moved’ tab on all units? I see it’s not on aircraft, and that’s a quick fix on the prototypes. What other counters is it needed on? Supplies? make me a list.

With the label text, do you want the label visible on top of the counter, like in ASL? Do other OCS modules have this? (easier for me to copy the process)

I’m planning to add FOW to this module and bring it up to the standard of the latest Tunisia and Baltic Gap modules with all the scenarios included. Unfortunately I’m still working on DAk with Case Blue and Korea to follow before I can start HP so go ahead and do as much as you want but don’t worry about missing scenarios as this will all be cleaned up eventually. It will be good to get all the OCS modules up to a high standard.

Nice. I just fixed the text label and marked moved stuff, but the scenarios must be updated. I do not relish that task…

George and Zajuts are my heroes :smiley:

So…yes…the black label that appear when you move a counter…is important have this feature on:

and all combat units (of course transport also)

again…to have the possibility to put a label text for the counter listed above.

P.s. : George I’ve sent an email about a little problem about tunisia aircraft

I have a tremendous book on the Korsun battle, Hell’s Gate. I’ll try to check the KG units in the next couple of days.

Re the FOW enhancements, I’d be sure not to have those as the only option. While that is nice to have, I find that for a lot of players, both beginners in OCS and beginners in VASSAL, you don’t want to get too “foggy” as that, initially, reduces their enjoyment of the game and delays their mastering the process. So, the module should allow you to play without them.

FOW just implements OCS rule 4.9 but the preferences enable you to turn it off completely or enhance it with range based FOW options. See the instructions for existing FOW modules found here:

cantab.net/users/george.hayw … ctions.htm

Great. I think that’s a splendid addition.

Any news guys?

Hube’s is still a long way from FOW treatment. Just bringing DAK upto latest level. Then there’s Case Blue and Korea before Hube’s. So perhaps it will all be done by Christmas ;-)

In the past few days I’ve sent Lars the final scenario for him to incorporate, Scenario 4, The German Collapse. So he now has scenarios 1 thru 4. I won’t waste time on the last scenario, Scenario 5, The Moving Pocket. It is a terrible scenario, not worth playing. I have played it over half a dozen times, each side. It just doesn’t work and is no fun. The Germans don’t stand a chance. Too bad, because it is the “real” Hubes Pocket. Done right, it should be the best scenario in the game. But it clearly was added without much, if any, playtesting.

All that said, when Lars has time to incorporate all this into the module, we should have, for the first time, a very playable VASSAL module of Hubes Pocket! :smiley:

Yes, Dave’s diligence in making the scenarios has prompted me to get a move on. All scenarios are incorporated. I’m in the middle of clean-up of the counters. Labelling works, but the scenarios made with older versions do not have this, so they have to be cleaned up by me before publishing, or will have to wait to be cleaned up in v1.65. as a joint effort, I would prefer the latter :blush: .

6 out of 7 KG counters are made. The last one only needs a name.
The Names chosen so far are:
KG Bäke
KG Brese (of 14th Pz Div
KG Collin (16th Pz)
KG Frank (1st Pz)
KG Sandig (LAH)
KG Langkeit (GD)
All named after Regimental commanders.

Hopefully it may be ready by the end of the week.

Great Zajuts!

Ok, v1.64 for is uploaded. Scenarios 1-4 are in. KGs are in. Counter tray is rearranged, to my liking and hopefully for the better for everyone. Label text should work and show correctly now. Please let me know if there are errors. Be advised, I have not made any changes to scenarios after they were submitted to me. To make them fully work, the counters must be exchanged for new ones in v1.64. I want to do a quick update to 1.65, and scenario cleanup will be the main effort here. If anyone(besides Dave, who has done a great job with all 4) will help in the effort of cleaning up these scenarios with the latest version counters, I would appreciate it very much. Let me know if you will help, and say which scenario(s) you’ll do. Send me the new save game and I’ll put it in v1.65.

Good work…only one thing…LAbel text don’t work on German units and works bad on russian units (text appear overimpressend on counter and not up of ot)

Move label don’t work on supply :wink:


have you looked at the counters from the tray?
All the scenarios were made with pre-v1.64 counters and must be exchanged. The cleaned-up scenarios will go into v1.65

aaahh! my foult…ok

Module is now perfect :mrgreen:

Not quite. While exchanging counters in Scenario 1, I discovered a bug in the step loss markers. I’ve done a quick fix, so if you download v1.64 again, you’ll have the corrected module.
Btw, if you want to clean up one of the scenarios, It’ll be much appreciated :wink:

And by “cleanup” that means taking the “old” counters out and replacing them with the new ones from the excellently designed new counter trays. When you do that, the label problem should go away. :smiley: