OCS Hungarian Rhapsody Unmasking opponent pieces

The “preferences” parameter “Opponents can unmask my pieces” seems to be not implemented, or not functional, as it is impossible to access any right+clic menu on opponent pieces, and the Ctrl+M command does not work on theses pieces.
How does this work when each player have selected a side ?

HR module 1.09
Vassal 3.6.5
Windows 10 family 21H2

This module has the global option related to non-owners unmasking each other’s pieces set to “Use preferences setting”, but the Mask traits themselves appear to more restrictive, using the “Allow these specified sides” setting to mask/unmask, and only the owning side and the Solo player side are listed.

I tried to add the opposing side for the Definition of ALand/XLand but it does not change anything.
I am not used of module creation/modification.

If you were loading any of the predefined setups after making edits, you won’t see your changes reflected unless you use the Tools → Refresh Counters feature. Predefined setups will retain whatever piece definitions existed at the time of the creation of those setups.

Still impossible to acces to a right clic menu or use Ctrl+M on opponent units