OCS or 19XX Mark Simonitch Game?

Hello. I am looking for an opponent for a PBEM game. I’m interested in:

  • North Africa '41
  • Stalingrad '42
  • Holland '44
  • Salerno '43
  • Normandy '44
  • The Third Winter (Smaller Scenario, at least at first)
  • Other OCS games are cool too, but I will need to review game specific rules.

I have not extensively played any of these games, but that’s what I am trying to change now. I will probably make mistakes, but please do point them out and I will correct it.

Thank you!

Would you also consider playing live? If you are based in Swiss we should share the same time zone?
My current favourite from you’re list would be Salerno 43 , Stalingrad 42, or Normandy 44.
Also consider (re)learning the OCS


Hi Daniel,

I am actually in the United States, central time zone. Playing a game live might be tricky. I also prefer PBEM due to my busy schedule, unfortunately.


@schwissig I’m interested in trying out the 19XX games. I’ve never played them before, though. I’m willing to play any of them and I’m willing to play PBEM. You can email me at nathan.wailes@gmail.com or add me on Discord, my username on Discord is nathan.wailes

Hi there,
I’m up for Stalingrad ‘42, PBEM
I have reasonable experience at the game but no opponent right now.
Email johngordon888@bigpond.com