Hello, I’d like to get some OCS play. I have experience with Baltic Gap and Blitzkrieg Legend, and I played a small Korea scenario not long ago. Anyone of these three would be great, also willing to try others. Overall I know the system but still trying to figure out how to play well! I’d like a small-medium scenario to start, and longer stuff after if all goes well. I can do a move every 1-2 days.


I would also be interested in getting a small to medium sized game going. It sounds like your pace would match mine, and I’m happy to play any of the OCS games and any side.

As for scenarios/games, Reluctant Enemies is clearly meant for a smaller footprint, and I also really like DAK becasue it has a variety of manageable scenarios with relatively low counter density. The Edge of the World Scenario in Case Blue is in the small to medium sized range as well, if you want a more Eastern front flavor.

Just send a PM to coordinate further details!

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I would be interested in Baltic Gap. But I don’t have any experience with PBEM with OCS only face to face and live games.


EDIT: But now that I see that the original post was back in 2008 this might be a bit of a goose chase.


I have not played Baltic Gap, but would be willing to try. OCS works well as pbem. I’ve not used the BG vassal module, but the DAK/CB modules are good, particularly with the fog of war options turned on.

Let me know if you want to work out the details for a game.

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Mark, I sent you a PM, see if it suits you…

OK I got my game, thanks!

BTW Steve, the original post was from last Saturday, not 2008 :slight_smile:

Ugh…for some reason i was looking at “Joined” under the person’s name…foolish. I missed out on a possible game that way.