Old Chestnut - Bad Data in Module: Image not found


I have read all on the forum about trying to iron out a Bad Data Module - image not found issue.

I am running the latest version of Vassal. RAM on machine is 16Gb+.
Vassal module is Elusive Victory - GMT games. Note the current uploaded one, that I have been amending, that is working fine. My local changes seem to have generated this Bad Data issue…but I can’t for the life of me see what I could have done. I have not added nor deleted a ‘disordered.png’ file.

I have looked in the Build.xml file and could not find anything that said 'no image.
I did find this in the build.xml
drive.google.com/file/d/1ICjyvZ … sp=sharing

I have cleared the cache, restart - still no good.

I have checked the error log file and it comes up with this message.
drive.google.com/file/d/1w4u7e0 … sp=sharing

So, there clearly is some ‘warning’ but I can’t find anything in the module that is called disordered.png to even be lost…it isn’t an image included in the module!

What’s doing?

Any help to eliminate this bug on start up would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


…can anyone help please? I really don’t know how this can be fixed…

I can pass on the module to anyone who wants to peak inside. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you

Apparently, you have deleted disordered.png, as that error message quite clearly says it can’t find it, and if you download the latest version of the mod from the wiki, it’s there in the “images” directory. Just use a zip editor to copy the file from the existing version of the mod to your version.

There is a Disordered.png file in the original - correct. I have looked in the image folder of my Ver 1.02a and it still has that very same Disordered.png image file in there…it is not deleted. That’s what I can’t figure…it’s there but doesn’t ‘see it’.

I have only added to the module, not deleted from it.

So, to double check I deleted the Disordered.png file, cleared the cache and reloaded. Still showing the same error. Note it does reference a lower caps disordered.png rather than the Disordered.png which is in the module. I am guessing these are two different image files but in the EV module when you unzip and look in image there is only capital ‘D’ Disordered.png…I can’t even see a lower caps disordered.png in the original module which has no error message…?

So it’s looking for a file that apparently doesn’t exist in the original module…but that makes no sense at all.

I’m stumped. :confused:


…try again…

I fixed it!..but here’s how (for the benefit of others who encounter this).

I went into the Build.xml file to locate the ‘offending’ lower caps disordered.png file

Note - this file does not exist in the module. Only an upper case Disordered.png file does.

So I changed the ‘d’ to ‘D’ - save, then zipped module up and rename as my original module. Then overwrite the old module - clear cache, restart.

Message gone!

It now no longer is looking for a file than never existed. Why it started looking for disordered.png instead of Disordered.png I’ll never know.

I hope this helps someone else down the line.

Thanks for your help gents.

Sounds similar to the unzip/file system issue that I recently encountered…. https://forum.vassalengine.org/t/caution-on-unzip-and-duplicated-file-names/12163/1

Yep! Looks like the same issue.

MacOS…it just works!..yeah, right :laughing: