Old SPI games

I saw a notice that the old SPI games can’t be put on Vassal and that some have been programmed in Java. Would anyone happen to know how to find out who has programmed these games into Java? Specifically, War in Europe?

Hey DJ!

My first post here. Hope this can be of help.

I’m not sure what is and what is not programmed in java, but a great number of the SPI games (Blue & Gray quads, Napoleon at War quads, WWII quads) and many individual ones (many horse & musket) have been played at hexwar.net for years. I was an active member for some time and it was incredible. The smooth game system is exactly like playing face to face and much more convenient.

You can play SPI Napoleon at Waterloo for free and the monthly subscription to play all games as much as you like is about $13 per month. Most of the games are SPI which I love, but no AH. :frowning:

I found Vassal a few weeks ago and it blows me away! Much thanks to those who have created it! I’m slowly muddling through D-Day at Omaha Beach, learning the game and the module system at the same time bit by bit as I go along.

I started board war gaming in 1959 with AH Gettysburg and I have hundreds of war games, mostly SPI and AH. I was happy to find the old AH D Day game and Source of the Nile! I never did want to use those crayons on the map board. Ha-ha! It’s probably why I never played it.

Looks like I’m going to spend a great deal of time here, so I better go get a cot. Any beer in the fridge?