OldMap incorrect in a log file

Vassal v3.4.12

I’m seeing some (to me) unexpected behaviour when I query an “Old” property value in a log file.

The simplest case is a piece with a Report Trait reporting “OldMap” that can be triggered by a Command Key. When the Piece is moved in a live game (by drag or via a Send to Location trait), the report outputs the expected value for OldMap. However, if the log file is replayed and then I intervene after the piece has moved and try the Report command, the value output for OldMap is wrong - it reports a map where the piece was residing when the game originally started. If I try the same on CurrentMap, for example, I get a correct report.

I’m not sure how important this apparent bug is; as long as OldMap is correct during the actual game, I don’t think it affects anything.

Happy New Year!


Hi Mark,

Could you please see if you can still repro this in 3.5.5? I did make some changes to the way OldMap is set that may help. If not, please send repro instructions.


Hi Brent,

This particular problem is still present for me, not just OldMap but also OldLocationName which is another I can easily reproduce. From a logfile, and I think the “remote” end of an online session, he pieces report their original location before the game started, even after several moves.

I can reproduce it for particular types of pieces in two related modules (cards) from preset scenarios but I am not sure whether the problem applies more generally or to “new” games. I will provide an example soon.


Is this still happening in 3.5.8 or 3.6.0-beta1?