One More For The Road - I Need Help With Arkham Horror

I know I already posted earlier but I need to say this now and it does not fit in with the other post.

I am trying over and over and over… to learn how to play Arkham Horror on Vassal. I haven’t encountered this with any other modules but I probably will.

Here is my problem: there are several gray boxes with labels in the Common Box Window. I have no idea what they are for or how I am supposed to manipulate them. I have been totally unable to figure out how or where the Monster Markers come from. The same thing is true on the right-hand side of the main game board page. I’m having a similar problem there. There is no Help File or Users Manual of any kind to look for. I have no other option but to ask for “your” help.

Please. This game is a major favorite on my list.

Chuck W