One of these Napoleonic/Civil War games

Hi. I’d be interested in playing one of the following:

  1. Hexasim “Eagles” series. I own Last Eagles, Ligny
  2. OSG Library of Napoleonic Battles. I own Napoleon’s Wheel
  3. MMP Line of Battle. I own Last Chance for Victory and To Take Washington.

Live play Vassal is what I’m interested.
I’m on the east coast of the US. EST/GMT-5.

Please PM me if interested…thanks!

Redboot, I have the LoB series of games and am interested in live VASSAL play too. I currently use my cell to game with a ‘local’ opponent, but have also used Skype, but not recently. Are you still seeking an opponent, and which live audio feed do you use?

Hi Mark. That might be too tempting. The main issue for me right now is that I have 4 regular games going per week. On the other hand, I’m really interested in getting into LoB. So what the hell, right? How do you feel about doing To Take Washington? It’s the only one I have that’s not buried in storage right now. If you’d rather do Gettysburg or Antietam, that’s fine, though you might have to send me some scans. I’m not 100% sure what’s online between Vassal and the MMP website.

For voice, I use Discord, which seems to be becoming the standard. But I do have a Skype account if you’d rather.

Where do you live? I’m in Connecticut, USA. Which reminds me, I’m traveling to Maine in a couple days through Feb 27, so I wouldn’t be able to start immediately. I guess that’s just as well, since I’ll need some time to reread the rules. Why don’t we switch to email. You can email me at

Cheers, Eric Neff

Hi Eric,
Before we move forward with TTW, what nights are you available and how often were you hoping to schedule a session on Discord?

Hi Mark.

All my current games are during the day, so I’m free pretty much every evening, although I try to keep Thursdays open. I keep early hours and am usually going to bed around 8:00 PM if that’s a factor. I’d like to do at least once a week live and am willing to supplement it with a little PBEM play between sessions if you like. I’m willing to think about 2 sessions a week from time to time, but as I said, my dance card is a little full right now, so I don’t want to commit to that. What time zone are you in? Let me know if that works for you.