One way to use the New Link Lines in VASSAL 3.5

I just uploaded a YouTube video that shows how one can use the new Link Lines feature to build a linked order of battle and reduce stack clutter on the map.

It is a bit hard to explain in words so that is why I am linking the video.

And I imagine there will be many other creative uses for this cool new feature in VASSAL.

So much thanks to the VASSAL development team for keep adding new functionality to VASSAL for its keeps just getting better and better!

Hi there! I’m trying to figure out what feature this is? (Where do you go in VASSAL to set this up?) Does this involve the “Movement Trails” feature somehow? Or something else? I don’t see a Link Lines feature on the 3.5 feature list so I’m trying to figure out which feature you are using.


Oh I found it. It’s actually a VASL 6.4+ feature rather than a VASSAL 3.5 feature but I can see how it would be easy to lose track, with so many new features everywhere. Good feature!

Thanks! Good catch!

That said, this would make a great VASSAL capability too.

BTW, I have been experimenting using i this new feature a bit more and now link my on board units (OBU) to their off board twins (OBT) and put all the markers such as DM or Prep Fire on the OBTs so to keep the OBUs free from clutter.

It makes for a nicer gaming experience in that a cleaner board plus a OOB view of the units as well as a tactical with the two view nicely linked by those fat red lines at just a click on either.

You can even place pieces of the hex splines and they still are readable just by looking at their twins so that might open up new possibilities in regard to BPM and such.