Online Reference Manual Links errors

While perusing the on line reference manual (to find the help page for ‘Folder’) i stumbled across 3 hyperlinks that do not work.
VASSAL Reference Manual (
The 3 in question, the first 3 on that page (Editor, Configuration Window, Editor), link to editor.html#top page. However the link should be Editor.html#top.

Excellent, thanks, I’ll get all these reference manual issues fixes for 3.6.8.

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I logged one or two similar in recent weeks. Let me know if you need me to fish out the post or issue for you @Brent_Easton.

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Yes please, if you could track down the issues in github and just add a comment with #11544 in the text and they will be linked. Thanks.


Hallo - I noticed that the online reference manual section on Peer-to-Peer connection is obsolete. The instructions do not seem to match what Vassal 3.6, where there seem to be two ways to go Peer-to-Peer, not just one (though I couldn’t get either to work)


What exactly is obsolete?

The options, text, graphics etc are different, I did not manage to set up a peer-to-peer session with a friend, we tried to follow those instructions but they do not seem to bear much similarity to what is currently there

Would you provide a link to the section you’re referring to?

It is page 8 and page 9 of the PDF guide here:

The peer-to-peer section here Server - Vassal instead does not say how to create it (only that it the server connection fails, Vassal would ask for a peer-to-peer)

That’s the User Guide from 3.1, not 3.6. From where did you get that link?

It is the link on the website

Go to home/documentation. Click on user guide

Thanks. I’ve replaced the file with the current User Guide from 3.6.7.

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Thanks! Though the new doc still seem to be obsolete for what regards the Peer-To-Peer section.
When I click on file prefereces, this is what I see:

while the doc just sas there is one option, not 2, with a different name:
3. Choose Direct peer-to-peer, then click OK.

So still unclear how to set up a peer-to-peer

Re the first post in this series. The 1st link to ‘‘expressions’’ is also broken.

That’s fixed in the development branch; the fix will go out with 3.6.8.

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If someone submits a PR on Github to rewrite the P2P docs, I’ll look at it.