Opening Vmod to edit out old files

How do I get old files out of a module. I have done it with winzip in the past, but I can’t remember how.

I get the vmod unzipped, but the inside files do not show.

What do you mean by “I get the vmod unzipped”? How are you doing it? What do you see when you do that?

I use winzip. This brings the file to the middle of the page. From there I can’t get into the inner contents. When I click on it it just offers me a place to save the file…

Thanks for helping–


That’s because you’re browsing the contents of the archive in winzip. When you’re doing that, it’s offering to extract individual files for you. What you want instead is to extract the entire archive. There should be an option for that if you look around, as that’s the primary purpose of programs like WinZip.

I’ll work on it thanks