Operation Typhoon

Module will not open. System says it is not VMOD. No information on who posted the module.

Are you referring to the module on this page: http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Operation_Typhoon:_The_German_Assault_on_Moscow,_1941?

If so, it works just fine for me (and the module maintainer is listed just below the link to download the module). If not, what module are you referring to?

It does not work for me. How do I contact the maintainer. I am having similar problems with other SPI modules. What am I doing wrong.

If you’re having trouble with multiple modules, it’s probably a problem with your system. You are opening VASSAL and then opening the module from within VASSAL, right (and not just trying to double-click the module itself)? I suggest you try temporarily disabling your anti-virus before downloading a module, and see if that helps. As for contacting the maintainer, there a link on the module page to click on to e-mail them.

Describe how you’re trying to open these modules.

Open Vassal. Then try to open module by clicking on it. These modules are mostly new additions SPI. Some work and other do not.


Turned off anti virus and downloaded problem mod and still got error message that this is not a vassal vmod. I am trying to open thru vassal.

Poppa365, if this is the module jrwatts pointed at (you haven’t confirmed that yet), it opens just fine for me.

To be sure, you’re downloading the *.vmod file, and it saves off to your hard drive still having that extension? It’s not turning into a directory with a bunch of files (a formerly common problem with Macs), or anything else odd?

It is a vmod file saved on my hard drive. I am at a loss as to what is happening.

Try opening the module by starting VASSAL and selecting File > Open Module, rather than double-clicking the module icon.

Contacted the maintainer. Obtained a new file which works. BTW Who maintains the William Hay Collection as there is no link to a maintainer for several SPI modules.