Opponent and explanation wanted for Twilight Struggle PBEM

Hi there

New to Vassal and relatively new to Twilight Struggle. Am having a hard time to setup a game in Vassal for PBEM of Twilight Struggle could somebody please help and maybe also be opponent ;-)

Not sure if I need ACTS etc.

Best regards

I’ve recently finished a PBEM game of TS - as a first play of the game, to start to learn ! Needless to say, I lost quickly, just into the Mid Game in turn 4 ! Still, great game - I can see why it’s top rated in BGG.
It’ll take me many plays before I grasp its subtleties. We used the Vassal pbem module and ACTS for the cards.

Anyway, I’d be happy to give it another go with you, although I’d likely make the odd mistake as we go.

I’m at


if you’re interested.