Opponent(s) wanted for any game using the COIN system

Been getting into the COIN games but haven’t had luck finding opponents. My preference at this time is Cuba Libre, as I am still learning and that seems to be the simplest, but I am willing to play any. Game can have up to 4 players so looking for between 1-3 opponents. Thanks!

Have you also tried on this monthly list? VASSAL/Skype/Cyberboard/Discord Request List October 2021

I might be interested in “A Distant Plain” though I have not read the rules and I am a total newby.

Thanks for posting that, I’ll check it out! And I also am interested in A Distant Plain but haven’t read the rules. From what I understand, all the COIN games follow the same basic format except for differences related to the time period/conflict. If you’re interested in playing 1 on 1 let me know! I’m having a minor surgery tomorrow and will be recovering for a few days so I’ll have time to read over and play if you’d like. Do you have discord?

I would rather have a proper 4 player game.
I do use discord.

I have started reading the rules. Not really got into the details of the operations yet and I will certainly need to have a peek at the module. Ideally I would like a 4 player game using the most straightforward version of the rules but including deception markers.

If you go to the VASSAL PBEM discord group, I have 2 other people, plus us would be a full group. I will send you a PM with my discord name