Opponent sought for Band of Brothers

I’m a UK based player looking to game current and play test scenarios for Jim Krohn’s Band of Brothers WW II tactical series - Screaming Eagles and Ghost Panzer. Prefer face-to-face game play but my next best option is via Vassal using Skype. Pbem too slow for this fast moving game system. I can game almost any day of the week, subject to availability. Have played via Vassal with opponents in USA and Australia, so different time zones aren’t a problem if dates/times can be agreed.

Willing to coach players that may be new to Band of Brothers. Am currently involved in play testing some cool, new BoB scenarios.

Just so you know, I’ve now found myself a BoB opponent using this forum, so it’s certainly worked for me.


I know its a long shot, and your post is old but Im looking for a BOB opponent and teacher.

Im in Israel so timezone is similar to the uk.

Pls contact me if relevant.

Best regards,
Amichy E.