Opponent Want & I'm a noob. Risk, Pandemic, something simple

Yup, title says it all, I’m a noob to vassal, it looks really neat, but haven’t played a game with anyone yet.
It would be nice to play a simple game like Risk, Pandemic, Sorry or something like that so I get an idea of how to play.
If you want, just tell me a game and I’ll go find the rules to read up on; I just want to play a game. Don’t really care what game.

You might say whether you want to play PBEM or live. Live is probably better to learn things then some one can walk you through it on Skype. So is good idea to say your time zone and your good times to play. Welcome to VASSAL it’s a great way to play.

Ok, thanks!
I am in the Eastern Timezone, and sure, live on the server works.
I can play on weekends and on Fridays. In the evening (7-9 PM) is preferred.

We are looking for 2 players to join in a 4 player game of Wizard’s Quest PBEM. Newbies welcome. Happy to teach vassal and/or game. Hope you can join us.


Welcome aboard! Let me know if you would like to dive into Command and Colors: Ancients. It’s pretty easy to learn and we can start with a live session and then run the game via email for a more flexible approach. Let me know if interested at jim@stevens-family.us.


Welcome! Stick with a quick game at first since there will be a bit of growing pains. Commands and Colors: Ancients is a good bet like Jim suggests. It’s probably good to stay away from multiplayer Play by Email until you know it’s for you so you don’t disappoint the group if you choose to drop out.