Opponent wanted for Command and Colors Napoleonic

I’m looking for an opponent for a pbem game

Thank you

Hey AndreaC,

I would love to play - I just got the game myself.


do you know the rules or ever tried to play the game as solitaire ? I’m new to C&C Napoleonics but tried a solitaire game in order to learn the rules and become familiar with the Vassal module. At the moment I’m involved in another Vassal game but if you want we could try a pbem as soon as I can.


Hi Andrea,

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.
I had deleted my original message to you, basically due to the fact, on reflection I thought i needed to familiarize myself with the rules more. Basically so i wasnt a complete nightmare of an opponent.

I was going to try solo first just to get a rough idea of the mechanics (& victory assured) , then maybe find a patient opponent.

I hope your game is going well or has gone well. It will probably be the new year now before I start “Marching”, and when i do, would it be ok to check on your availability ?

with kind regards

Mark aka M4ckduff

Hi Mark

I understand, no problem, if you’ ll need an opponent feel free to drop me a line