Opponent wanted for LCFV or TBFN

Looking for opponent for either:

Last Chance for Victory
The Battle for Normandy




I may be interested in LCFV - depends on what (scenario) and how you like to play. Can you give me more details of what you’re thinking of scenario wise and preferred time between logs, etc. Have you played LCFV pbem before?

I have the rules to TBFN - but have never played it - seems a bit of a monster ! :slight_smile:


Hey Xsquared,

I’m more of an expert in The Battle for Normandy then LCFV, but I know LCFV pretty well. No, I haven’t played LCFV pbem before, but I’ve played a few pbem with TBFN.

Scenario for LCFV i haven’t thought about it, but we can decide together what works. I figure play pbem with a log a day if possible. I understand life gets in the way sometimes. I’ve also played where i did pbem but also once a week we had a ftf on skype.

Scenario for TBFN i would try Operation Epson.

Hope that helps.

Hi again,

I’ve taken a look at tBfN - as I haven’t played it yet, I feel I need to play around with the system solitaire - before I commit. I don’t have that time at the moment - maybe in the future, but it’ll be into 2016 at the earliest.

I could maybe manage a smallish LCfV scenario - depends on whether that suits you - no sweat if not. I looked at “The best three hours fighting anywhere” scenario last night - I wouldn’t want a scenario any bigger, though there are one or two smaller if you prefer. Also, these scenarios are quite asymmetric (historical) so there is usually one side that is really up against it, as regards the victory conditions :slight_smile:. That doesn’t bother me either way, as I just enjoy the gaming and the replaying of history.

Anyway, take a look - no problem if you decide no - if yes, then we’ll decide the scenario. I’m happy to take either side - no preferences.


I would for sure be interested in LCFV, as I have only played it solo so far. I really love the system.
I would prefer the historical campaign, as I don’t really bother too much over winning or losing, just to
try to play as historically correct as possible.

I could later also be open for BFN, as it is a game I also have played solo a bit.

Please reply to my email: mailto:“varjag(at)hotmail.com

I would love to play LCFV. I am EST and almost any day is good for Skype/FTF play or PBEM is great also. It you still need a game contact me at warhawk1955@yahoo.com

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