Opponent Wanted - OCS: EatG,CB,GBII

I’m very new to this place/Vassal but enjoy playing OCS and other games. I would be very interested in playing someone in EatG or CB or GBII. I have the ability to play ‘online’ an pbem. If anyone would care to help along the way showing me the ropes using Vassal that would be great. I live in IL and would prefer evenings as I work and have family.



Hi John, I would be interested in playing. I am a very experienced OCS player, have played some Vassal ( but not OCS sadly). I do not believe there is a GB II vassal module unfortunately though there is an EATG module. I am also in EST and have two small kids so generally I am available a few weeknights a week for an hour or two. So if you are interested drop me a line at seawolf72@yahoo.com

PS - Due to the interactive nature of OCS I would be more interested in live play than PBEM…

Hi Seawolf,
I just sent you an email, but I wanted to reply here just in case. I look forward to a game.