Opponent Wanted


Am looking to play some of the many titles I have by Avalon Hill. Looking for opponents to play 1 or 2 of them to start. Either Mustangs or Wooden Ships and Iron Men. VASSAL play using Skype is preferred.


Russian Campaign? Also would much prefer ftf on skype.
Let me know.

Sorry, not really interested in Russian Campaign.

I do have many Avalon Hill titles that would be willing to try instead.

Interested in Russian Front? PGG?

I could do Russian Front. I have that old Avalon Hill title. Would you mind if I read up the Basic Rules first and we started with that before proceeding to the more Advanced Rules?

My e-mail is bullfrog1953@joimail.com. Would prefer we start with most of the advanced game rules for two reasons. First the basic game isn’t very good. Second the basic game does NOT help you learn the advanced game or how to play the advanced game well as the rules are so different proper play in one is not proper play in the other. By avoiding things like Naval rules to begin with but allowing the things that make the game reflect the Eastern Front(blitzing and replacements) I think we can get an easier to learn game. Would suggest that I be Russian for the first game as the Germans have the initiative and can afford to make more mistakes.

I would like to play some Russian Front. I only played it once a long time ago. Is there a vassal module for it? Can the vassal module be used for solitaire to learn the game a bit before I play anyone? I don’t have skype video capablity but I can do audio…

Yes there is a very good vassal module for it. Definitely allows solitaire play. If you want help learning my e-mail is in the post above yours.

Thanks for the reply! New here. Does the engine “know” the rules, or do I have to read the rules? (I’ve played enough to use movement and terrain charts). I remember how the game works with multiple movement phases and rail conversion, but not all of it…Got the module working.

No the engine does not “know” the rules. It does keep track of VP for you(counts the number of Ger controlled city markers). It has a very good order of the turn function(the button just to the left of the German and Soviet combined flags) but it does not enforce it. Think of the VASSAL module as a virtual board.

Anyone ever play “Hitlers War?” There’s a module (with automation) online (not vassal). I know it’s network capable but not sure how to make that happenn

AndyBarrington123 Sorry for the blooper conflating “front” with “campaign.” I’m an intermittent dumbass lol. Anyway, I’ve played Russian Front, and think the game is interesting, but it’s way not PBEM friendly, what with reaction movements, having to choose front units, etc. So if you like any other games that don’t require a lot of non-phasing player input for PBEM could you list them?


Any WW2 board game. Join us ww2globalconflict.webs.com