Opponents for Squad Leader, AH Bismarck and VG Pacific War

Am am looking for opponents for the games listed. I have VSQL experience playing up through GI Anvil rules but can play at any level to accomodate your tastes. I am interested in learning Pacific War so a player with patience who will start with the shorter scenarios before moving on to the longer Operations is necessary. I have Bismarck too and would love to learn to play its Vassal module as well. I can usually play at least a turn a day. Skype is not possible due to my slower internet. Thank you for looking at this!


Hello there,

I would like to play Bismarck again after some 15-20 years :slight_smile:
But I don’t have the box anymore nor the rulebook - I would relearn quickly, but I need some writing stuff not to lose time for explaining to me again. Do you know where can I find a PDF of the Rulebook?

See you


Hello there, if there is any people reading this thread, we are trying to set-up a game of Bismarck with CJ, but the chat window is writing the position and moves of the ships and planes, killing the secrecy.

Is someone out there aware what can be done to NOT have the moves in the Chat Window?

its real easy. All you have to do is open the Bismark program as if you are going to edit the module. Then go to the drop down were it states “report every moves” and uncheck it. Save the module as a new version (so you don’t get confused which one is the right one), and voila.

thanks, Razor.
Everything is great now :slight_smile:

I am still looking for opponents for Bismarck, PacWar and Squad Leader. Any takers? I am willing to play any level of SL or Bismarck. I am a beginner in Pacific War.

Sent you PM.

Hi Chris,
I sent you 2xPM on Pacific War since I am not sure if the first one went through.

I have not seen them. Sorry about that. My mail box shows zero mails…

Lets try this, my email is cjkenn30ATgmaildotcom

replace AT with @
replace dot with .

VG Pacific War
I would like to learn to play this game also PBEM

I’ve sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

I want to play Squad Leader, Hill 621 Scenario. Available after 8 PM EST.

I’ve played some of the battle scenarios and have set up the strategic game but I’m pretty confused as to how to proceed. I’d be interested in some ftf online, but I’ve never played online before (pretty new to VASSAL.) I also have some experience with SL; I’m trying to learn ASL, have all 4 of the SL modules, and would also be willing to play SL online if I can learn how to get a game.

I am interested if you are up for PW, but would prefer PBEM if that is possible. I’m pretty busy with my job normally and when I’m not I have a 2 and a 3 year old that don’t sympathize with Daddy’s war game interests. SL is also possible though I just started that one PBEM with a gentlemen. I also have all four original sets and can play at any rules level.

I’m looking to get back into squad leader. let’s do a beginning scenario, can you send me turn 1 and the board? brian

Hello Brian,
I’ve sent you a PM asking for more information.


i am up for SL but do you play it PBEM ?

thanks Jim

I do nearly all my gaming PBEM due to my schedule. How familiar are you with the basic rules and up through GIA?

my knowledge is pretty good. havent played for a while but its like riding a bike…it all comes back after a turn or two :slight_smile: have the same prob with my schedule …can only do PBEM