Opponents wanted for Bitter Woods and TRC

Looking for opponents for Bitter Woods (I have Compass Games Designer version) and TRC ( I have the 5th edition from GMT).

Based in Wales so probably looking to play by Vassal.

I’d like to try TRC. I don’t have the 5th edition, or any edition any longer for that matter. Gave all games away a few years ago.

Always happy to play TRC. I’m UK based, but a 24/7 carer, so Vassal PBEM only I’m afraid. I have Jedko 1st, AH 3rd and GMT 5th editions.

There are rules on line for the 5th edition The Russian Campaign, Fifth Edition Rules booklet by consimworld - Issuu and vassal has a module recently released for the game.

Have a look and when you are ready let me know.

Great - lets play the 5th edition. I see a module has just been released on this on the vassal site.

My email is martinkerslake7@gmail.com