Opponents wanted to Game "The Great War"

In anticipation of the upcoming centenary of the start of World War One, I’m trying to get some of these titles on the table via PBEM. So here’s your chance to parry Von Schleiffen’s thrust, shoot down the Red Barron, or sink Von Spee before all the other grogs in your knitting circle have even thought about what started 100 summers ago next August…

On land:
Guns of August (vassal)
The Cossacks are Coming (cyberboard)
Lawrence of Arabia (cyberboard)
Sideshow: the campaign for German East Africa (cyberboard)

At Sea:
The Pursuit of Von Spee (vassal)
A Fatal Attraction: The Gallipoli Campaign (yes, mostly land but very important naval component: cyberboard)

In the Air:
Richtofen’s War (vassal)
Bloody April 1917: air war over arras france (vassal)

All responses answered. PBEM only (can play when kid goes to sleep… Finally).


sent you a private message

Yeah I got Pursiut of Von Spee, played some of the others.