Opponents wanted

Hi everybody

My name is Lars-Peder i am looking for someone interested in playing:

Guns of August,
Russian Front or
Empires in Arms

I am relatively new to VASSAL and so i have not discovered alle the features yet. I have family with three children so there is not always a lot of time so PBEM is the best for me. Occasional sessions online is also possible i live in Denmark in Europe. so it is GMT +1

I might also be interested in:

Case Yellow or Vietnam 1965-75 (i have the rules and the games but i have never played them.)

i am already engaged in playing

“War and Peace”, “Advanced Squad Leader” and “A World at War”.

Any replies will get a serious answer

Hi Lars,

Of those games you mention I own and would like to try Case Yellow. I´m also engaged with wife, kid and so on, so PBEM is the only way for me to play - maybe a live sesson now and then could be arranged. I live in the GMT+1 area.

I also own and have tried AWAW, so if you ever want to start a new game, just tell me.

Best Regards


Hi Lars,

I think I can try either the Russian Campaign or Vietnam by email. Please let me know if you are still open for these.


Hi Lance

I tried to send something to you yesterday but i am not sure it reached you.

I have never tried the russian campaign and would actually rather try Russian Front if that ok with you.

Otherwise Vietnam might be an idea but i have to read the rules on that one and you will have to åatient with me in the beginning.

Other games i would like to play are

War and Peace
Guns of August
Case Yellow
If you have a special favourite please let me know.

If you are stil interested please contact me on




Hi Lars
I see you are interested in a game of Russian front, I game my older brother once played with me as a child. I am in the same situation as you are, living in the same timezone (although only a quater dane), new to Vassal, small kids running around and thirsty for some kind of intellectual challenging nostalgic experience. I would prefer to play the Russian side on advanced game rules (the updated ones) without those optional rules unbalancing and complicating things, what about you?
But first, I tried to get the Russian front mod to work (latest vassal, java and mod) and I can’t seem to be able to move minefields and factories about. Are you having the same problem?

Solved the problem, shift and right click to access those symbols.

Hi Lars, I’m GMT+10, but we might be able to settle on a time if you want to play Vietnam 1965-75. Like you I’ve never played it but would like to try it out.

Hi Lars and everybody,
I would like to play VG’s Vietnam too…own the game played several times…Campaign scenario…I live in Rome, Italy, GMT +1…anyone interested ?

Hello, have you found a partner to play Guns of august?
If not, I’m interested in PBEM and I’ve played this wargame.
PS: I’m French.

I would be interested in Empire in Arms.