Opponents wanteted CC:E,WW, PoG,EiA,HotS,CR,TYW,SL,EotS,BtB

I play the following games: Wilderness War, Paths of Glory, Empires in Arms, Hammer of the Scots, Crusader Rex, Thirty Years War, Squad Leader, Empire of the Sun, Combat Commander: Europe, Barbarossa to Berlin.

I prefer playing real time using SKYPE, can communicate in English, French and Polish. My SKYPE name is chmielewski.maciej

I’m available 8-10 p.m. week days and also all day Saturdays and Sundays GMT+1 time zone (Central Europe).

Send me a PM if interested.

Hi czmielon,

I’d like to try Thirty Years War (have read rules and a few solo runs) or

Wilderness War (reading rules).My Skype name is Jab5450(please feel

free to call any time you see me online) and I’m at GMT-6(Central US).I

work mostly at home so gaming in middle of the day is no prolbem.

Later 8)

interested to know if you have played HOTS or REX in PBEM?
can it work efficiently , with the combat turns?


No, I’ve never played them via e-mail, only real time. I think PBEM can work but it will not be a smooth experience.

I’ll play hammer of the scots.

I’m new to VASSAL so I will need a little help getting the hang of things.


My original message is still valid

I would be interested in a game of Thirty Years War or Crusader Rex.
I am no match if your skill is high, but I would give it a try.
I live in the gmt+1 time zone as well.


My post is still valid.

you already posted in my other thread, but…

I use skype and I play a few of those games you mentioned. :slight_smile:

All right, let’s begin with Napoleonic Wars, I hope Thursday night will work out.