Order of piece stacking different online


I am developing a prototype on my PC : I have a piece A above a piece B (“At-Start Stack”) : perfect.
But, on-line, the other players have B above A (I have still A above B on my PC)…

Any idea ?


You’ll want to assign a map layer to the pieces. Pieces in an At-Start Stack will display themselves pretty much in random order across several computers unless you specifically layer them.

To do this, right-click the [Map Window] the stack will be placed on and “Add Game Piece Layers”.

In the Game Piece Layers properties, give it a property name …something like MapLayers

Add the layer you want to use. Keep in mind that the top most layer listed will be the bottom most layer on the map. For this example, you can list the names


On the At-Start Stack piece you want on the bottom, add a Marker trait where

MapLayers = Map

On the other piece, add

MapLayers = Tile

This will put the Tile piece on top of the Map piece.

Great, thanks.

I will tray it next WE.