original Squad Leader

not ready to tackle Advanced Squad Leader. Only ever bought the original one.
anyone interested?


I/we are playing a big WW2 game, (Aug 2020), in which all WW2 games can be merged. your game fits with our concept.
In fact, any WW2 game does. Join us! Manual is attached. Players get a second part plus other information.


I loved the origional squad leader and would love to have a game. Also I am new to Vassal .

When are you available to play? I assume you mean online. PBEM is too slow for SQL. @Ahsome

There is a great group on Facebook.
Classic Squad Leader

I found a guy named Nate who is helping me learn VASSAL and relearn SQL.

I too am newish to the original Squad Leader but would love to play!

I started to learn a few years back and then life took over for awhile lol

Anyone interested in mentoring a newish player? I’d love to play through the scenarios in order. I think that would be the best way to learn the system while getting a few games in.

Anyone interested, please drop me a note.


I am up for a game. Where are you located Kansasboyd? I am in East KS/KCK myself.

→ edit: I see you are in Florida. No matter. I am familiar with Vasl if anyone wants a game.