Pacific Victory 2nd Ed. (Columbia Games) module nearing Beta


I’m an absolute Vassal noob, but I have spent the last couple of months working on a module anyway. I started with the existing module for 1st Edition, spoke with one of the authors for permission, and dived in to changing updating the graphics and adding a few features.

If you have any interest in poking at the beta for this, send me a PM and I’ll put it on dropbox or something (I assume that’s preferred over posting a beta module on this site in the modules list?).

I should be able to make this available by end of next weekend (May 10).


Even if you don’t decide to make an entry (yet) on the wiki page for the module, you can still upload the module here and just provide a link to it on here.

Personally I put the beta versions of my modules up on the page and just mark them as “still in beta”. And then later when I’m confident I take away the beta markings. Obviously you’ll have to judge when you’re ready to want that higher level of attention, and announcing its existence on whatever relevant CSW thread and BGG, etc.

Thanks for replying!

One more question: there is an existing module for the 1st edition of this game. There are a few differences between 1st and 2nd edition rules, so should I start a new entry for my 2nd edition module, or put it on the existing page and denote it 2nd edition?

Judgement call but I’d probably put it on the Pacific Victory module page and just note it as being for second edition. That’s what we did on the Paths of Glory page when the “Deluxe Edition” came out.

Heh, I went ahead and made a new page before I read your response, call me hasty…

Aaaaaaand, we’re live! (beta)

Some notes:

  • Only “manual setup”, and the first scenario are and included with the module; I want to make sure nothing significant needs to change before I go through the trouble of setting up all the units for the other two scenarios.
  • I intend to write and include a small user/help document in the module, to explain some of the new features.
  • Bug reports or feature requests welcome! PM me here, and we can move it to email if that works better.
  • Other feedback is appreciated! However, major changes to the art and the various unit flags/markers are unlikely at this point. I’m happy with how things look, so try not to make me sad :wink:–_Second_Edition

Final version released with the 3 scenarios included in the physical game. I’m still pondering a few things, like redoing the battle board again (making it clearer who is attacker/defender/reinforcing), adding a couple more generic markers that can be used however the players like, and hopefully some sort of counter/tally window to help keep track of RPs spent.