Pacific War GMT

I am looking in the European time zone for an opponent for a strategic scenario n°1 of Pacific War 2nd edition (GMT)

Hi, Are you still looking for an opponent?


Hi Yes! We can play with the module downloadable here Vassal Gaming
if you agree


Thanks, I have downloaded the Vassal Module and am looking for the rules. I will download and read.

Do you have a preference for a scenario or a side?


Hi Steve
As advertised: strategic scenario 1 (all the war) and Japanese preferably but both sides suit me.


Okay Strategic Scenario 1, i will take the Allies.
Are we using the new GMT rules?
What Setup are we using? i have not seen the new scenario book from GMT, so i am guessing that we are using the VG version.
What Optional rules do you think we should use?


Yes we use GMT rules with set up of VG What has changed in the rules 35 years later? | Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan, 1941-1945 (Second Edition)
Optional rules: All except 34.18, 34.20, 34.21 if you agree
Are you OK to store the files in Discord ? Vassal Gaming

Hi, may I have the download link for the .vmod file for this game? Doesn’t seem to be on the main module directory.

Hi, Steve is redoing the historical Japanese order of battle as advised here

Module 1.2.4 is therefore not finished
Wait a few more days!

Thanks! Looking forward to playing this game again. Had a lot of fun with it back in the 80’s.

Is this game in progress?

I have just started a strategic scenario but it is awaiting clarification on certain rules. The rule changes between the VG and GMT versions have significant consequences. Logs and discussions are archived on Discord

You can join us if the subject interests you.

Would love to join and observe. I’m also wanting to test a slight mod of the Module of PW2 that has more player definitions, based on the games HQs to allow up to 7 players to participate. (4 allied and 3 Japanese.)

I have just started a strategic scenario but it is awaiting clarification on certain rules. Logs and discussions are archived on Discord

You can join us if the subject interests you.

What are some rules you are seeking clarification to?

For example:

One of the focuses of the House Rules for PW1 was to better represent the movement of Japanese ground units through Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma. The original PW1 game mechanics allowed for an unrealistic advance of Japanese ground units in the opening phases of their offensive in that region. Singapore did not fall until Feb 8-15, 1942.
I noticed in your 0008.vlog of your current game, Your Japanese forces are already at the doorstep of Rangoon. Rangoon was not evacuated by the Allies until March 7. The Japanese did not advance on Akyab until March 28-April 3, 1942. Historically the Japanese approached the Indian boarder by the middle of May 1942.
The Ground Unit house rule for PW1 reads as follows:
3. Ground Unit Movement (19-L-7):
During battle cycles, ground units can only move once per week. The owning player can choose in which
particular battle cycle to move during that week. Contact phase movement does not count against this limit.
Loading and unloading on amphibious transports or air units count as one move toward this limit. For the
purposes of this rule days 1-7 is week one, days 8-14 is week two, days 15-21 is week three, days 22-30 is
week four.

According to the Ground Unit movement in PW2, 23.1.2, it appears this PW1 house rule was implemented in the new rules allowing ground movement only once per week.

The deactivation of a non-pursuing unit is new.

As for a ground unit having to stop when entering an empty base, this is also a carryover of a PW1 house rule giving an empty base intrinsic value as a ground unit.


I would be interested in observing if possible. I played SPIs War in the Pacific back in the 80s over the summer. I was a huge SPI/AH wargamer and then moved online when I got a PC. I’ve played 2 full head to head campaign games of Gary Grigsbys War in the Pacific as the Allieds.

I recently retired and co-worker who also retired likes board games so we’ve started playing. Its gotten me back into board wargaming. I still wagame a lot on the PC, both against the AI and other humans. Friend indicated interest in playing a Pacific oriented board wargame. I bought Asia Engulfed and other titles recently and just downloaded Vassal so I’m just getting oriented. I plan to buy Pacific War soon. There seems to be many versions so I need to sort that out.

Unfortunately my co-worker just has a chromebook and from what I can see it looks like Vassal isn’t supported on those sorts of devices. I’m trying to get friend to buy a PC or laptop so he too can get onto vassal. He has to get his wife to go along though. I told him to just do it and ask for forgivness not permission.

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Looking to play SS1 on Vassal live.