Pacific War GMT

I am looking in the European time zone for an opponent for a strategic scenario n°1 of Pacific War 2nd edition (GMT)

Hi, Are you still looking for an opponent?


Hi Yes! We can play with the module downloadable here Vassal Gaming
if you agree


Thanks, I have downloaded the Vassal Module and am looking for the rules. I will download and read.

Do you have a preference for a scenario or a side?


Hi Steve
As advertised: strategic scenario 1 (all the war) and Japanese preferably but both sides suit me.


Okay Strategic Scenario 1, i will take the Allies.
Are we using the new GMT rules?
What Setup are we using? i have not seen the new scenario book from GMT, so i am guessing that we are using the VG version.
What Optional rules do you think we should use?


Yes we use GMT rules with set up of VG What has changed in the rules 35 years later? | Pacific War: The Struggle Against Japan, 1941-1945 (Second Edition)
Optional rules: All except 34.18, 34.20, 34.21 if you agree
Are you OK to store the files in Discord ? Vassal Gaming

Hi, may I have the download link for the .vmod file for this game? Doesn’t seem to be on the main module directory.

Hi, Steve is redoing the historical Japanese order of battle as advised here

Module 1.2.4 is therefore not finished
Wait a few more days!

Thanks! Looking forward to playing this game again. Had a lot of fun with it back in the 80’s.