Page Down not working with 3.5.6

Windows 8

In the VG Vietnam 4.3.4 you can’t scroll the map with the Page Down key anymore. All the other navigation keys (page up, arrow keys, etc) work as before. But not Page Down.

Not a big deal. But if you’re used to scrolling the map that way it can be annoying. There is another version of this module and the same problem occurs there.


I confirmed Raindem’s report for other modules too. I tested against 3.2.17 but I suspect a more recent change has nerfed this functionality. My tests were on MacOS.

It is something to do with a conflict with the use of the PgDn Hotkey for another function; PgDn is the default Hotkey for paging through a logfile.

If you Edit the module to change the Hotkey for the Global Option to page through a logfile, PgDn will scroll the map again. Furthermore, if you set that Global Option to PgUp then PgUp will stop working for scrolling the map.

I confirm what you said. I checked the old versions, and that started in 3.5.4. Could not find what in the code caused that change, but maybe when Joel or Brian have a look at it they might figure it out.

Created a bug entry for this. … i?id=14540
Bug 14540 - Scroll Map Down with PgDwn does not work anymore from 3.5.4

Hello Curt,
3.5.7 restores the original PgDown behaviour.