Pan, mouse-wheel

I think the navigation would be much less fiddly, if you could zoom in and out with a mouse-wheel, and move left-right-up-down with a “pan-function” (whatever you call that) - move the mouse around by keeping the a mouse-button pressed. (In a lot of software indicating with a hand-symbol, instead of a mouse-pointer).

We’re already planning to do this for V4.


That’s great news! Thanks!

It’s not even so much that we’re planning it, as that we’ve already done it in one of the client demos.

Ok, this is my biggest gripe with vassal navigation. Reading that it’s been addressed makes me so happy!

Going to find a way to do a donation in gratitude.


Just a short comment in case people don’t know

  • Shift-Mouse-wheel up or down pans the board left or right, respectively.
  • Ctrl-Mouse-wheel up or down zooms out or in, respectively.
  • Mouse-drag (Mouse-1 down and drag) selects region
  • Page-up/down scrolls up or down
  • Ctrl-Page-up/down pans left/right

Mouse-wheel left or right (or two-finger touch-pad left right) is not recognised.

@uckelman is there any way to get a glimpse of VASSAL 4? Thanks.



If not, as it appears to be the case, is there a timeline? I am craving for that, especially because I’ve read that would work on Android as well as on PC :heart_eyes: