Pandemic: How do I deal cards to other players?

Just trying this out. I’m playing as the first player in a 4 player game. How do I deal cards to the other players? I was able to drag two cards into my hand, but they don’t go in the other players’ hands, they just drop to the board. I’m dragging a card over to the different colored/numbered player (2,3,4) boxes and trying to drop them in. Doesn’t work.

If you’re playing as Player 1, you only have access to Player 1’s hand. you can’t put cards into another player’s hand.

Try the “Solitaire” player selection, this unlocks all player hands without having to retire and join another side.

Normally, other people would be playing their hands, and you shouldn’t be able to mess with their cards, so their hands are locked to only them, so you’d have to “Retire” and join as player 2 to affect player 2’s cards.
(the “Retire” button in this module is a tiny little box to the left of the [Start here - Setup] button.) But starting the game as “Solitaire” player removes the need to “retire”, as it unlocks all hands for you to access.

If anyone is playing Pandemic (with On The Brink) module, just FYI, I’m rewriting it. It’s my exercise on learning Vassal.

As you will know, that Pandemic module is absolutely devoid of any Vassal programming. Meaning, it’s like a board game set operated by mouse clicks and drags. No automation, no calculations. You have to do everything yourself, just like in an actual board game with physical pieces. If anyone else is doing this, let’s collaborate! Let me know.