Panzer (GMT) PBEM game?

Looking to play this one PBEM. I played it a little on Vassal back in 2013 but have not opened the box since so need to take things slowly while I relearn the game.

I’m willing to learn the rules and play. Still looking for an opponent?

Hi Zou. Yes I am still looking for an opponent. Do you have a copy of the game? If not, the rules are on the GMT site. I have the 1st ed so am hoping the 3rd ed rules are not too different. I would suggest that once we are both ready to start we just use the basic rules (pages 1-20 in my book). Any preference for sides? I am happy to let you choose.

Looking forward to the game

You can contact me off site via


Just to say that I feel ready to start a game whenever you are.

Hey Jones! Could we play live instead of PBEM? Cheers!

Sorry Zou but I don’t do live games

No problem. Here is my discord: apa_zh

Hi Zou,
I am not familiar with discord. How would it help us to play a game via PBEM using Vassal logs?


Discord is a nice text messaging app, plus you can subscribe to servers that are game related like AH, GMT, WIF, etc.

You simply drag and drop your vlog file into the chat window in Discord and your done. Want to ask your opponent a question or clarification, just text them in Discord, need to share a screenshot, copy and paste it right in discord.

I have six games going on and four we exchange vlog file via discord, easy peasy. The other two the old fashioned way via email.

Discord is a definite help.