Panzer Grenadier on VASSAL?

I do not see a Panzer Grenadier module on the site so I am guessing (it would not necessarily be so, but call it an educated guess) that Avalanche has requested them not be hosted here?

Anyone know if there is a commercial AP-approved module then, hopefully without a windows-only installer or something?

Any other way people are somehow playing this game on VASSAL?

Thanks as always, VASSAL team is tops!

I provided artwork for this mod. AP gave tacit approval for PG:Airborne
only. The modmaker I believe posted the module in the PG yahoo group. I
would look there for more info

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Hi, everybody.
I was looking for a PG.Airborn module myself. As it is not listed at it took some time to find it.

It is licencened by AP ( … valanche….) and could be downloaded for free:

Familiar with the Airborne module, thanks.

Unfortunately that is almost certainly the least interesting of the PG games for me.

And in the intervening time span since when I originally started this thread, just from my own perspective…

Not many people where I live seem to like PG (not much I can really do about that - so playing PG FtF is not working out for me). I think the closest PG player for me was AP themselves before they high-tailed it outta here to Mississippi or Alabama or wherever they went to.

However, I have since decided that perhaps I can wait until LnL NaW comes out. That sounds very appealing to me for some reason and LnL seems to pile the games out the door once they launch a series so I expect there will be a wide of range of subjects available for it down the road. And LnL seems to plan on VASSAL support, in fact it looks like they do their own modules even, unlike AP who will not even permit third parties to publish modules.

8 pages of rules, units assigned to and activated by scenario task groups, LOS simplified using crest hexsides (sounds like Panzer Command), I hope they can pull it off - if it quickly expands to the Commonwealth units in '44 that’ll probably do it for me.

For some reason the squad-level Heroes series leaves me flat but it looks like NaW has a lot of meat on it for such an inherently simple concept so I am going to give it a chance.

There are simply too many good platoon-level WW2 games out or coming out (NaW, PBHoD, ALB/LBdF40)… plus some real good company-level ones like PC and the GTS/TDC-etc… for me to fuss with PG if AP wants to make it hard for me as a customer to play their games after I have purchased them.

Luckily I have not spent much to obtain the PG games I have collected (mostly by trade or fire sale). So I hate to say it but if I like NaW, and AP is still keeping VASSAL at arms length by then, the jump will be easy to make.

Amen brother and I used to be a huge PG supporter, but AP is burying themselves I am afraid I have sold them and moved on