Panzer Leader, Arab Israeli Wars

Will play PanzerBlitz, Panzer Leader or Arab Israeli Wars. I usually retro-fit some of the AIW rules into PB and PL, but I am open to just about any house rules or modifications.

US Eastern time zone. UTC/GMT -4

Hi. I live in Florida. EST Time Zone.
Have played AIW in the past. Never played PB or PL. But they use very similar rules.
Would be interested in paying any of the 3 games.
Would prefer to play a simple scenatio first to get used to the rules again.
You can reach at Use subject Arab Israili Wars.

Thank you.

Sure, that will work. I can find a simple Arab Israeli scenario that we can play.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to play until early next week due to work. But we can schedule pretty much any time that works for you on Sep 18, 19, 20, 21

Great. It will ge me time to get up to speed on the rules.

I think Botzer or Tel Maschara would be good, medium-small scenarios that wouldn’t require any of the advanced rules. I’m still good on the 18th-19th-20th-21st.

Hello, I have a very old copy of Panzer Leader but have not played the game in decades. Would love to play some in Vassal. Don’t have the Arab Israeli Wars rules though.

Hello –
Sure, I’d love to play Panzer Leader. It plays very well on Vassal.

Arab-Israeli Wars is about 90% the same as Panzer Leader with some minor changes that make it better. You can find the rules on the Board Game Geek site: