Panzer Leader noob seeking PBeM play

Hi folks!

First and foremost - kudos to all of you creating all of the Vassal game modules! You help to keep the wargaming hobby alive!

I have become interested in Panzer Leader recently and would like to try it finally with an opponent. As I do not have anyone to play it with f2f, this is the way to go.

I have used Vassal before (not extensively, but used) and also checked the module itself - so there should not be any technical issues I believe. I also know how to record and play back a session and record into it further etc.

But I am a total noob (having read the rules once and in the process of rereading them again), so some simple scenario would be in order I believe, if anyone is inerested in teaching me?

I have Vassal 3.1.19.