Panzer Leader

I’d like to play Panzer Leader on VASSAL.

I live in Canberra Australia UTC +10 hours. It is difficult to schedule online games with opponents in Europe but other time zones (or PBEM) are OK.


I live on the Gold Coast. I am up to speed with vassal but haven’t played Panzer Leader in a decade or more so I would need to refresh with the rules. PBEM or live would be ok with me. Send me a PM if you are still interested.


I’m curious if you fellows are using the Opportunity Fire optional rule if you are playing PBeM and
how you’ve gone about using that rule and playing PBeM …

using the same trick that ASL players use. you interrupt the log file and create a log to show the op fire. then the opponent can continue their move from that point. This is my assumption of how they do it.

Doesn’t seem like a very optimal solution. The active player could be re-doing lots and lots of stuff …

PB/PL is better for PBEM than ASL because there are no “interrupts” like Defensive First Fire, Morale Checks, etc (unless you are using the Opportunity Fire optional rule)