PanzerBlitz Fix

Anyone up for a run at this old chestnut, PBEM?

I haven’t played in 30 years and just looking forward to some light fast-playing fun.
Original PB rules and any/all situations, scenario balance matters to me not a whit.

Newbies very welcome, I’m no expert player (yet).

I’m located in SE Asia and I’m afraid I can’t do live play, but turning round multiple situations at the same time is no problem.


Hi, Mike,
I have discovered this site from a few time and I’m not an expert in using Vassal. I have played PB by mail a few times long time ago and then I’m not very experienced, but in any event I would try a PBEM game. I have more experience playing PL. If you are still interested in PBEM PB, just send a message to the following email address :

Yours, truly,

Panther 2010 (for now).


I could be down for some PB and PL, even some Arab Israeli War action. Message me here to set it up. Probably start with an easy scenario since it has been awhile for me.