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Hey guys,

I’m interested in playing a few games of PB/PL. I’ve been over the rules a few times, pushed some counters around, but have never played a complete game. The rules seem pretty straight forward, but I want to learn how the different types of combat fit together and the capabilities of the different types of units.

I sponsor a Wargame Club for middle school students. So, my ultimate goal is to teach this game for them to play. We have six copies of each title, and I know that each game has some differences. I would like to use rules set that combines both PB and PL into one uniform set.

I’m proficient with Vassal, having played ASL, Hammer of the Scots, Empire of the Sun, and a number of The Gamers Standard Series games. I would prefer to play in real time - Central Time Zone, perhaps one night a week.

Is there a veteran out there who can help me out?

Thanks for reading,


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