Panzergruppe Guderian needs an update

Getting and “Obsolete Custom Code” error

details are:

Deprecated classes, methods, and fields in C:\Users\Poobah_1\VASSAL MODULES\PanzerGruppe Guderian\PGG-TAHGC-v1.2.vmod
(used by => removed item, date eligible for removal)

Inventory.Inventory =>, 2021-08-06
Inventory.Inventory => VASSAL.counters.PieceIterator.(java.util.Enumeration, VASSAL.counters.PieceFilter), 2022-12-01
random.DiceButton =>, 2021-08-06
wga.Refresher =>, 2021-08-06
wga.Refresher =>, 2021-08-06
wga.Refresher => VASSAL.counters.Stack.getPieces(), 2021-08-0

The wga.Refresher class in the module calls some functions which we’ve marked as eligible for removal from Vassal in the future. The message is notifying you of that.

We added deprecation messages in the hopes that module maintainers would see them and update the affected modules before the modules stop working with the current version of Vassal.