Panzerkrieg: von Manstein & HeeresGruppe Süd (1978) by Avalon Hill

Scenario 1 opponent either side… I am located +2 UTC. I need a punching bag…

It’s fast paced and interesting for a John Prados game.

email your setup to

I can send you scenario 1 setup because it’s a bit confusing. You can play the Germans and make plenty of mistakes while having fun. What’s your email?

punching bag, is that what you think will happen? probably, but not in the beginning because you will play the Germans and have room for mistakes…

you’re playing the Germans, scenario 1 for as many games as you need to “get” the game. overwhelming firepower, the Russians are by default the punching bag…
i’m not into playing novice players, i’m into just playing well with anyone willing to master a game.

shooting fish in a barrel isn’t my kettle of fish

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you used fish twice in that sentence,lol