Kudos and many thanks to Richz99 for bringing Avalon Hill’s Panzerkrieg to VASSAL. I’ve had this game for 30 years, and it has been a delightful frustration. It’s a good game, it’s interesting and seems to combine the best of both SPI and AH-type games of the early 80s: Complex but not overwhelming. It was always frustrating because this is when AH tried to use the folding unmounted heavy cardboard mapboard with 1/16" smaller hexes than their standard hexes. With the high density of units and the heavy stacking (not as bad as ASL but a lot more than the usual 2-3 of most previous AH games) it made playing very difficult.

So I downloaded Rich’s effort, have pulled out the rules (I’ve forgotten most of them, so I have some studying to do) and am looking forward to playing a few games on my computer.

Thanks again, Richz99. :smiley:

Greetigs I am looking fo someone to play this game.


Thanks for the good words. Please let me know if you find any issues while you play, or if you have any suggestions to make the module play better.


I downloaded the Panzerkrieg module (great game used to play it back in the day), and it looks great, but I can’t find any of the game pieces (combat units) except for HQs. Can you help me with this? Do I have a defunct module? Could anyone post a link to the most up to date mod?

I’d also like to add some Scenarios (Kursk primarily). How would that be accomplished?


Never mind I found them…

  1. Set up the Scenario up want to save.
  2. Retire to Observer.
  3. Save the game.
    4a) For your use just keep the .vsav file around.
    4b) or… use edit module from VASSAL main menu.
    A) Then from the top command choose “Add a Pr-defined Setup” select your .vsav file.
    B) You also need to add another ‘Pre-defined Setup’ without selecting a file to allow open setup.
    C) page 96 of the vassal guide, … rguide.pdf

Editing a module may seem daunting at first, but just adding a per-defined setup literally takes about 5 minutes.
The time consuming part is doing the Game setup.

If you need help send me a message.


I think I’d like to try that. The issue is isolated combat phases. I like Russian Campaign because an entire player turn is done in a single log, making an opponent at least have to do a lot of work to get good rolls. Even with that, sometimes you know your opponent is redoing the turn with endless DE and DS results, no exchanges, etc.

So i guess you’d have to play Panzerkrieg live, since combat rolls would be super easy to redo PBM.

Sure would be great to get a game going!

Greetigs I am looking fo someone to play this game.

Do you have scenario maps? The module doesn’t include them…