PanzerLeader 1940 support?

looking for the vassal extension or vmodule that will support AH General PanzerLeader 1940 variant counters and scenarios (published in the AH General Volume 15, #2) to vassal … the current PanzerBlitz/PanzerLeader version 3.7 only has the standard scenarios. …
I assume this is the appropriate forum for this request. Someone tell me if otherwise.

Looking into this, I have emailed Bill Thompson about it. Apparently the module is to big to host on the Vassal site, and the other site is down.

I drilled down into the module that is on the vassal site and the 1940 units are in the module, you would simply have to build the scenario yourself by selecting new game, then you can pick the maps and units to be used.

Hmm. I looked in the units provided and didn’t see the 1940 counters. Am I blind? Will take another look.

Ahh… found them… I apparently didn’t look close enough before. Now, what would be nice, is to have the scenario cards for the 1940 scenarios
included in the module, with their unit setups. :slight_smile:
I’ve been itching to play these scenarios for some time.


All the 1940’s are there

Yes, I have copies of the pdf scenarios already. What I would like is those as part of the VASSAL PL/PB vmod, in the same way
as you can look up the standard scenario cards for PB and PL.