just loaded up new mod Panzers, looks very interesting however my French is
tres mauvais (lousy) any english translation mod out there?

Hi there, I’m Mr Popo, designer of the game called Panzers!

Thanks for your interest for the game : that’s really nice to see how popular this game is getting, even on the other side of the ocean ! ^^

Basically, it’s just a homemade prototype, now converted to a Vassal module by the craftsmanship of Soft-Bug from It’s a turn-based tile game in which two opposing tanks duke it out in the streets of an abandoned city. It’s a fast-paced, simple and yet fairly strategic game : take turns, spend APs, and capture those uplink towers… or simply blow your opponent away.

For now, only a French version of the module is available. But I’m currently working on a new version for English-speaking Vassal users. Be sure I’ll inform you when it’s ready !

Looking forward,

Mr Popo / Ben.

Hello there

Rules for Panzers! have been translated in English, and are currently being thouroughly proofread. A module update should be scheduled for the weeks to come, so expect an english version of Panzers! soon ! ;-)

Great news, thanks for up-date.

Hello !

An english version of the rules is now available. You’ll find it here, hosted courtesy of Calaméo and Jimdo as a flip-through, downloadable PDF :

Feel free to post any comments or requets, I’ll gladly provide all the help I can.