Path of Glory 7221 Multiplayer bug + feature?

I’ve recently downloaded and started to using the PoG module. Thank you to Joel and recent authors for your efforts.

Indeed, I even read Help → How to Use this Module! But I wanted to ask a couple of questions…

Firstly, I see that the amended victory points for the Historical
Scenarios are not captured (as far as I can see) on the map. Is it
possible to include a second map for these startups in the module? I’d
be happy to do the artwork either as a new whole map or perhaps as a
mostly transparent PNG with just the amended sections to reduce the

I understand that most module authors try hard to reduce the download
size but in this age of high bandwidth, maybe adding an amended map
would be great if technically possible in the VASSAL architecture.

Secondly, I noticed that in a multiplayer game, if I drag a card from
my Hand to the map, the client throws an exception and disconnects
from the server. Awesome! :slight_smile:

I realise that you anticipate right clicking on the card to play it,
but wonder if you could please allow simply dragging to the map (per
Twilight Struggle, Sword of Rome et al) - expecting the player to
eventually right click to send the card to Discard or Remove. This is
super helpful when teaching others to play - for example to discuss
the card text without having to pop out to the Deck window.

I guess this may simply be a small bug - since whatever the player
attempts even if illegal should not disconnect the client.