Paths of Glory GMT


I am looking for opponents for GMT’s Paths of Glory. I ve watched a few videos, but never played.


I would be interested in a PBEM game of POG. Do you have a preference for side, scenario, variant, etc.? Email me at

Ive sent you e mail!

Hi, I am interested to play live or PBEM. I am in CET

Looking for a game of PoG.

Mostly PBEM supported by Discord+ACTS, but I could do live play from time to time too.

I’m based in the UK so GMT+0/1. I’ve a few dozen games under the belt.

@compagnon or anyone else: If still looking for a game, let me know via DM.

Also wishing to play PoG. Based in Spain. I can play either PBEM or live.

Reach out to me if you are interested.

Thank you

New player looking for a game in Paths of Glory series. Also preferably PBEM
@TAV @chawnigan @compagnon, Would you still be interested?

Also looking for PoG match. I’ve played a grand total of…1 game…and lost horribly :wink: GMT-8 (west coast USA)