Paths of Glory, live vassal game only

I will be happy to play this game. Any side, gentelman game (OOS of course).
Time to be agreed, I have a lot of it.
Only vassal (I don’t like pbem).
I expect a fairly smooth game.

I’m a lot interested.
I live in Europe and have time during daytime.
A couple of turns a day may be ok.
Let me know your timing and time difference

I would be willing to play Paths of Glory. I am available early evening on 4pm or beyond Monday April 6 or same time slot Wednesday April 8 . I have a few games under my belt so I should be able to play fairly smooth. I have not done a lot of live vassal though.

I am US eastern time slot (Tampa Fl.)

email is

if above dates do not work lmk what does.

Mike M