Paths of Glory looking for allies opponent

Experienced player. Looking for someone to play PaG as the allies. Can teach how to play.

i own the game, have read the rules once (a couple of years ago) but never played. I would be very keen to try if you’re patient enough to accommodate a newbye?

Hello! Yes, no problem. I’ve only played 4-5 times so I consider myself a newbie too. My discord is Zou#3962. Send me a friend request and we can sort out which days to play.

Hi Zou.

I would also love to play POG, don’t mind to the Allies.

With the boardgame at home 3 years ago, but just a few turns playing solitaire,

but many hours of youtube tutorials.

Please , let me know if you don’t mind to play with a beginner

As i have just told Zou crazy to start my first nos solitaire game, are you up to ?

Yes! No problem, just add me on discord and we can play. My ID is Zou#3962.

Just added, Zou.

We can start whenever you wish.