PATHS OF GLORY: missing russian cavalry

There’s an optional card in PoG that allows allied player to deploy two 1-1-4 russian cavalry but the module allows only one of these.
How can I solve this problem ? I am quite apt to edit CB modules, but being a newbie to vassal I don’t know how to proceed.
Thanks for all the help I will receive.

Rome, Italy

Hi Bruno,

I was notified of this by someone else recently on BGG. I’ve started the process of updating the module with this and other fixes but haven’t had time to complete it. For an immediate solution, here’s what you can do:

  1. Edit the module
  2. Expand the AP Forces map window node
  3. Expand the RU Corps At-Start Stack node
  4. Right-click the RUCC piece and choose “Copy”
  5. Right-click the RU Corps At-Start Stack node and choose “Paste”
  6. Save the module

Now you’ll have the second 1-1-4 Russian cav unit in the stack of RU corps when you re-open the module. Note that there are other missing units: it needs 2 additional Polish corps in the GE Corps At-Start Stack on the CP Forces map window, and 2 additional USA corps in the US Corps At-Start Stack on the AP Forces map window. Use the same procedure above to copy the existing pieces and paste in the additional ones.

I apologize for the oversight and hope I can post an updated module soon.

This is more than enough ! Thank you I’ll try.

I followed the instructions…I see the new units in the editor but I cannot see on the map…I will do another try…

Oh yeah, I forgot that this won’t do anything to the existing scenarios–all those saved game setups would have to be re-built from scratch. They don’t inherit any changes that are made.

Here’s an easier fix I should have considered first: in the Editor, double click the node named “Units [Game Piece Palette]” and uncheck the Hidden box. Save and restart. Now you can create as many units of anything as you need.

Thank you but the easier fix is in alternative to the other one or they have to be used one after the other ?

It’s an alternative. You can ignore my first reply and use the method two posts above this post.

Sorry but neither system worked out for me…maybe I’m missing something.

“in the Editor, double click the node named “Units [Game Piece Palette]” and uncheck the Hidden box. Save and restart.”

After doing this, you should have one extra button in the main toolbar that will open the Game Piece Palette. All game markers, armies, corps, trenches, and other markers should be accessible here. You can create new instances of any piece by dragging it out of the palette and onto the board. Or in the case of the error you want to fix, you need to find the Polish cavalry corps and drag 2 of them onto the Central Powers forces window.

If that doesn’t work for you, unfortunately you’ll just have to wait until I have time to update the module–my apologies.

OK all is good as you described, thank you very much !